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“I text you 30+ times a day. Do you mind?”

“Arriving at a garden party, I slip on the wet grass and fall on my ass. Do you laugh?”

Lovers & Liars is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Lovers & Liars is a game that allows players to “test drive” a relationship before even getting started.

Players ask each other extremely revealing questions based on their feelings of love, and earn points by predicting how their partner will answer (YesNo, or Depends).

The questions are geared to new relationships, but married couples will also be tickled.

There are no right answers, and bluffing is encouraged.

Lovers & Liars’ Features:

  • Three modes of play:
    • Share a device (a device is passed from person to person)
    • Game Center (online multiplayer)
    • iMessages app (sharing questions)
  • For 2 players
  • 230 question from the original inventor
  • Universal app
  • Available in English and Spanish


Lovers & Liars is available as a free app on the App Store. The free app includes 30 questions. Additional questions are available as in-app purchases (US$2.99 for packs of 50 questions, or all questions for US$9.99).

App Store Link: 

Who’s Behind Lovers & Liars

Lovers & Liars was released by the Canadian company High Game Enterprises Inc. It was made by an independent female, Mexican born designer/developer. The questions were written and updated by the original inventor.

About Lovers & Liars

Lovers & Liars is the sister game of Scruples which sold over seven million copies. It’s played the same way except we have modified it for couples only.

While Scruples is based on moral dilemmas, Lovers & Liars is based on “tests of love.”

Lovers & Liars is a little more traditional. We believe most people still want old-fashioned love.

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